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internal radiation therapy

See brachytherapy or radioisotope therapy.

volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT)

A type of radiation therapy whereby single or multiple beams of radiation sweep around the body, greatly reducing treatment time….

photodynamic therapy

A type of treatment using a cream that is activated by a light….

biological therapy

A range of medicines made from purified versions of chemicals that naturally occur in the body. They include monoclonal antibodies and immunotherapy. Also called biotherapies.

News: Tele-workshop introduces cancer patients to relaxation therapy

This month Cancer Council Queensland will host a Learning to Relax Telephone Workshop – a first for the charity. Many people facing cancer have said that learning ways to better manage stress has helped them cope, which is why Cancer…

neo-adjuvant therapy

Giving treatment before the primary treatment to try and make the primary treatment more successful….

external beam radiation therapy

The use of high-energy radioactive beams to kill cancer cells or injure them so they cannot multiply. The beams of radiation are directed at the cancer from a machine.

News: State-of-the-Art Radiation Therapy Starts up at Springfield

Springfield’s first radiotherapy service opened its doors this week, enabling local cancer patients to access more affordable, timely treatment. The first patient received radiation therapy earlier this week at the new Radiation Oncology Centres (ROC) facility, based at the new…

adjuvant therapy

A treatment given with or shortly after another treatment to enhance its effectiveness.


A hormone produced by the ovaries that prepares the lining of the uterus (endometrium) for pregnancy. Also used as a hormone treatment….