Garth’s story

Garth's story

“Mentoring other men with prostate cancer, I found they were at first reluctant to talk about their journey and relationships with their wives or partners. But once you got talking to them and they realised they weren’t alone, and that other blokes had the same sorts of problems and they met the challenges, they overcame them quite well.”

Garth Stephens was diagnosed with prostate cancer when he was 60, and since then has dedicated his time to supporting other men affected by the disease, pre and post treatment. He is currently a valued volunteer at Cancer Council Queensland.

“The emotional side of cancer is one which I have a great need to help others in, especially with men, it’s very difficult for them to express themselves.”

Garth’s passion is directly in line with the goals of the Viertel Cancer Research Centre – to care for men with prostate cancer by investing in research that explores the role of peer support programs, develops understanding of the psychological impacts of prostate cancer, and provides evidence-based research for resources, guidelines and advice for Queensland men affected.

The CRC’s prostate cancer research program has examined many aspects of the experience of Queenslanders with prostate cancer over the past 10 years, with the aim of reducing the burden of this disease for men at all stages of their cancer journey.