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A procedure in which a hollow needle is inserted between the ribs in order to drain excess fluid. Also called a pleural tap….

intravenous (IV)

Inserted (injected) into a vein.

lumbar puncture

A test where a needle is inserted into the spinal column to collect fluid. Also called a spinal tap.


A plastic tube inserted into a narrow opening (usually a vein) so that fluids can be introduced or removed.


A form of treatment in which needles or probes are inserted into the cancer to destroy the cancer cells by passing microwave or radio waves into the cancer.


A tube with a camera and a light on it that can be inserted into different cavities in the body for a close examination. They are often named after the part of the body they are designed to examine, such…

peripheral nervous system

The system of nerves extending outside the central nervous system to the limbs and organs….

chemotherapy pump

A portable device that allows a person to receive chemotherapy at home. The pump is usually attached to a central line and carried around a person’s waist in a bag or belt holster.

spinal cord

The portion of the central nervous system enclosed in the spinal column, consisting of nerve cells and bundles of nerves that connect all parts of the body with the brain….