What’s your why?…Caitlin’s Story

Since taking on a project to create a library of stories of Cancer Council Queensland volunteers, Caitlin Archbold has heard the incredible journey of volunteers across the state, giving her some insight into the various aspects of life as a volunteer. Volunteering has allowed her to develop not only her professional skills, but has given Caitlin an opportunity to grow personally.

As one of CCQ’s newest volunteers, Caitlin started just over four months ago at the end of 2015. She heard about the opportunity through her university, QUT, where she is studying journalism and law, and thought the opportunity would allow her to gain some professional experience. Since Caitlin began, she has worked to document the stories of CCQ’s volunteers, to understand what makes them so passionate, and give their stories life through her writing.

“I love being able to talk to volunteers and hear about why they volunteer,” she says. “It is incredibly inspiring to hear what keeps them going.”

Volunteering has given Caitlin the opportunity to develop professional skills in a meaningful setting and learn from the people around her. She has been able to see firsthand how an organisation operates.

“It is exciting to see my writing published and contributing to an important cause,” she says.


“My writing has improved dramatically as a consequence of coming in every week and being given the time to find my voice.”

But for Caitlin, volunteering at Cancer Council Queensland has meant more than just developing her skills. Talking to volunteers, she is constantly surprised and inspired by their resilience through adversity.

“I remember talking to one lady who had experienced an incredibly bad run with cancer herself and within her family,” she says.

“But after talking to her, I felt uplifted by her positivity and determination. I admired her so much for her inner strength.”

Caitlin hopes to continue volunteering at CCQ for the foreseeable future to continue developing her skills and learning from the other volunteers and staff.

“Volunteering puts the world in a different perspective and has provided me with experience and development I might never had had otherwise.”