Average Queensland adult has 15kg to lose in 2017

Overweight and obese Queensland adults need to collectively lose 35.5 million kilos, an average of 15kg per person, to reach the healthy weight range – new data has found.

The Chief Health Officer’s latest report revealed the average Queenslander gained one kilo every three to four years over the past decade – one in four gained weight in the previous year alone.

Cancer Council Queensland spokesperson Katie Clift said the new year was a great opportunity for Queenslanders to think differently about health and weight loss.

“Queenslanders don’t need a revolutionary New Year’s Resolution or dramatic change to their diet or exercise habits to get healthy,” Ms Clift said.

“Avoiding weight gain is a challenge for many Queenslanders – Cancer Council works hard to make the healthy choice the easy choice, to help people achieve sustainable lifestyles.

“Encouragingly, the data shows two-thirds of Queensland adults have taken action to either lose weight or to prevent weight gain in the past 12 months.

“About 45 per cent of Queenslanders work to lose weight by reducing portion sizes, and 40 per cent increase physical activity.

“Small bursts of incidental activity can make a big difference to overall health – gardening, walking to work and playing outdoors with the kids, for example.

“There are great gains to be made with small increases in activity and slight adjustments to the daily diet.”

The research also found attitude played a strong role in getting healthy – adults who believed in a benefit from weight loss were more likely to actively manage their weight.

“We’re working hard to help Queenslanders change their attitude to weight loss and wellbeing,” Ms Clift said.

“The benefits to losing weight are an increased sense of wellbeing, greater health and reduced risk of a range of chronic diseases, including some cancers.

“Make a commitment to small changes for your health in 2017 – helping you to lose weight, and keep it off in the long term.”

More information about Cancer Council Queensland is available on 13 11 20 or cancerqld.org.au.


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