Telstra Bill Assistance Program Guidelines

Telstra Bill Assistance Program (TBAP) Guidelines

The Telstra Bill Assistance Program is a national program that is offered to Telstra account holders who are experiencing financial hardship and are unable to pay their Telstra bill.

Cancer Council Queensland is an agent for this program and the service is delivered through our Financial Assistance Program.

Who is eligible for TBAP assistance?

We welcome referrals from health professionals who have assessed their clients as:

  • a Queensland resident
  • having a confirmed cancer diagnosis
  • a Telstra account holder
  • facing financial hardship as a result of their cancer diagnosis; and
  • experiencing difficulty paying a Telstra post paid account.

Submitting a referral through Financial Assistance for TBAP assistance

Referrals are submitted by a Health Professional through Cancer Council Queensland’s Financial Assistance online application form.

  • Please tick Yes against the question ‘Is your client a Telstra account holder?’
  • Please choose ‘Telstra Bill Payment’ as the area you are seeking financial assistance
  • You will receive immediate notification that your referral has been submitted. If you do not receive this, check your form for errors and re-submit
  • Referrals are processed within 7 business days and referrers notified of the outcome

Submitting a bill for payment

If your client is approved for TBAP assistance, you will receive an approval email with a request to submit a bill for payment.

Before submitting the bill for payment, please ensure the Telstra account is;

  • Unpaid and not due for at least 14 days (please request an extension if needed)
  • A residential account and not a business account
  • The complete bill, as sent to the client (photos may not be accepted)

This bill can be sent to the team in the following ways;

Telstra payment processing

The practical support team will:

  • send the printed telephone bill with the approved number of TBAP certificates to Telstra for processing
  • notify the client by letter of the date the certificates are sent.

The client should allow 10 business days for the certificates to be processed and credited against their Telstra account.

To discuss a Telstra account payment or request an extension, the client should contact Telstra on 13 2200 (24/7)

More information

For enquiries please email Practical Support or call Cancer Council 13 11 20 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm).

To understand other ways Telstra may help your client, please see Telstra Financial Hardship information