Critical Assist Guidelines

Critical Assist targets those clients experiencing the most severe financial hardship and at risk of not participating in their cancer treatment. The aim of the service is to support these clients to access affordable accommodation and transport through the provision of advocacy, referral and financial support. Eligibility is confirmed after a thorough assessment of the client’s level of risk with the referring health professional. Approval for assistance is not guaranteed and will be at the discretion of Cancer Council Queensland and subject to available funds. Applications are treated as confidential.

Who is eligible for Critical Assist?

Your client must:

  • Have a confirmed cancer diagnosis
  • Be currently receiving treatment in Queensland
  • Be a Queensland Resident with a current Medicare card
  • Be experiencing severe financial distress as a consequence of their cancer diagnosis and treatment.
  • Be at high risk of not participating in their treatment due to financial barriers
  • Be in-eligible for assistance from Redkite or Leukaemia Foundation
  • Have not received previous financial assistance from CCQ

Who does Critical Assist target?

The service will target clients who are:

  • At high risk of not accessing cancer treatment due to unaffordable costs for Accommodation and Transport
  • Socioeconomically disadvantaged with limited resources
    • Receiving or applied to receive a Centrelink Pension
    • Have a Low Income Health Care Card
    • Not eligible for PTSS
    • Limited or without family/social supports
  • Facing unaffordable costs for Accommodation and Transport
  • On a CCQ accommodation lodge waiting list
  • From a regional or remote area of Queensland

How to refer your client to Critical Assist

  • All clients must be referred by a health professional involved in their cancer care.
  • Clients cannot apply directly to the service.
  • A CCQ Critical Assist Referral Form must be completed online by the referrer and submitted to the Cancer Council Queensland.
  • Approval will be subject to available funds.
  • Clients who meet our target group requirements will take priority.
  • All referrers will be notified of the outcome within 7 business days.

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