Critical Assist Guidelines

Critical Assist aims to support clients who are undertaking treatment for cancer and experiencing financial hardship and at risk of not participating in treatment. Eligibility is confirmed after a thorough assessment of the client’s level of risk with the referring health professional. Approval for assistance is not guaranteed and will be at the discretion of Cancer Council Queensland and subject to available funds. Applications are treated as confidential.

Who is eligible for Critical Assist?

To be eligible for assistance, your client must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Queensland resident
  • Have a confirmed cancer diagnosis
  • Be currently receiving treatment for cancer in Queensland*
  • Be experiencing financial hardship as a consequence of their cancer diagnosis and treatment.
  • Be at high risk of not participating in their treatment due to financial barriers
  • Be ineligible for assistance from other specialist organisations (e.g. Leukaemia Foundation**)
  • Have not received previous financial assistance from Cancer Council Queensland

*Participation in a clinical trial outside of Queensland may be considered an exception

**Leukaemia Foundation is a specialist organisation supporting people with a blood cancer

What is treatment?

Clients currently undertaking the following treatment will be considered eligible:

What is financial hardship?

Clients experiencing financial hardship may report the following:

  • On a low income (e.g. in receipt of a Centrelink payment and/or have a health care card)
  • Experiencing a loss of income (e.g. waiting for a Centrelink payment approval)
  • Struggling to meet living costs (e.g. food, rent, bills)
  • Having limited support system (e.g. financial, family, social)

Who does Critical Assist aim to support?

The service aims to support clients who are experiencing financial hardship as a result of their cancer diagnosis and treatment, for example:

  • Struggling to meet costs in accessing treatment (e.g. accommodation, transport, medications, gap costs)
  • Not eligible for the Queensland Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme
  • Long treatment times
  • Travelling from a regional or remote area of Queensland

How do I refer my client to Critical Assist

  • Ensure your client meets the eligibility criteria
  • Conduct a thorough assessment of your clients financial and social situation
  • You must be a health professional involved in their cancer care.
  • Clients cannot apply directly to the service.
  • A Cancer Council Queensland Critical Assist Referral Form must be completed online and submitted.
  • Approval will be subject to available funds.
  • Clients who meet eligibility requirements will take priority.
  • All referrers will be notified of the outcome within 7 business days.

What type of assistance is available through Critical Assist?

Clients who meet Critical Assist eligibility may be approved for;

  • Priority wait-listing for PTSS eligible clients at a Cancer Council Queensland Lodge where there is no availability
  • A financial contribution towards accommodation costs where a Cancer Council Queensland Accommodation facility is not available or suitable
Food Card
  • Financial assistance with a $200 Coles food card
Fuel Card
  • Financial assistance with a $200 Caltex fuel card
Telstra Bill Payment
  • Through the national Telstra Bill Payment Program, payment of a Telstra home telephone bill, up to $500

What if I have questions regarding the referral?

If you have any questions regarding your referral please read the Frequently Asked Questions or email or phone 13 11 20

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