Breast Prosthesis

A breast prosthesis is a synthetic full or partial breast shape that looks real when worn in a bra or under clothing. They are often called ‘breast forms’ by manufacturers.

Prostheses can be used after the full removal of a breast (mastectomy) or after partial removal (lumpectomy or breast-conserving surgery).

Most breast prostheses have the weight, shape and feel of a natural breast. They can be attached directly on to the skin or inserted into specially-made pockets in bras, swimwear and nightdresses.

Temporary prosthesis

Immediately following surgery and before a permanent prosthesis can be fitted, a soft temporary prosthesis can help support your breast. Phone Cancer Council 13 11 20 to receive a free temporary breast prosthesis.

Medicare reimbursement

A Medicare reimbursement of up to $400 for new or replacement external breast prosthesis is available for Australian women who have had a mastectomy as a result of breast cancer. To learn more about this subsidy and download a form, go to Medicare.

Permanent breast prosthesis providers

There are a number of stores who provide permanent breast prostheses and mastectomy bras within Queensland. To find out more about stores in your area phone Cancer Council on 13 11 20.

For more information on breast prosthesis please refer to the Breast Prosthesis and Reconstruction booklet.