It felt like I was on a rollercoaster ride that wouldn’t stop. Like I just kept going down, down, down.
That way my baby – my little girl. She has been such a healthy, beautiful child. How could it be, that she got cancer?

– Mariann, Alex’s mum

Mariann’s daughter Alex was diagnosed with cancer at just four years old. She could never have imagined the debilitating side effects that cancer treatment would have on her little girl

“With radiotherapy, some kids end up with burns on their skin from the radiation. We got to the point where she couldn’t eat anything because her stomach acid was actually bubbling. She lost a lot of weight. She went from 25 kilos down to 15 kilos we had to do nasal gastric feeds.”

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy save lives, but they are debilitating. Even today, nine years on, Alex is fighting the after-effects of her cancer treatment.

“She suffers with migraines… one of the types of chemo has caused neuropathy, which causes issues with the muscles in your body, so she sees the physiotherapist for that. Her calf muscles were shrunken… so that causes issues when she walks… she suffers anxiety.”

The only way to spare children like Alex the pain caused by this terrible disease, is research. Together we can find better ways to treat cancer.

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