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to give Queenslanders living with cancer a fair go


If it wasn’t for places like Ellis Lodge, we might have had to just pull the pin to be honest.

– Carl, cancer survivor

Cancer doesn’t care who you are. Or where you live. Or how much money you make.

It wreaks havoc on our bodies and can turn our lives –and the lives of our loved ones upside down. Every 20 minutes, another Queenslander will be told they have cancer. A Queenslander like Carl from Roma – a small country town about 500km from Brisbane.

Carl’s life changed when he noticed a lump on his shoulder. His diagnosis wasn’t good when he discovered it was a rare, soft tissue sarcoma. And it needed to be treated as soon as possible.

Carl was facing three months of intense radiotherapy in Brisbane - and potential financial devastation.

He knew he’d have to give up what little work he had. And if his wife Linda wanted to be there to support Carl during his treatment she’d also have to stop working. Without money coming in each month, the terrified couple didn’t know what to do.

For Carl and Linda, it was overwhelming. And sadly, they are not alone.

Cancer Council Queensland wants to be there for every cancer patient and their loved ones. But we can’t do it without your support.

Cancer Council provides much-needed emotional support to patients and their families. We also provide crucial practical and financial assistance to give everyone touched by this devastating disease the chance to face their daily struggles of life with cancer.

And with more and more people diagnosed every day, it’s putting pressure on our already in-demand support services.

Fortunately for Carl and Linda they qualified for a stay at Ellis Lodge, one of Cancer Council Queensland’s convenient, self-contained accommodation centres which offers affordable – or even free – accommodation to cancer patients, carers and families who need to travel for treatment.

As well as having a clean, comfortable place to stay, patients and their loved ones are provided with information resources, emotional and practical support to make the treatment experience a little less daunting.

It’s such a crucial service, and one that helped Carl and Linda a great deal.

If it wasn’t for the accommodation and services provided by Cancer Council, Carl and Linda might have had to make the decision to refuse treatment.

Everyone deserves the chance to overcome cancer regardless of their financial circumstances.

All of Cancer Council Queensland’s support services are designed to give everyone a fair go at coping with cancer. And they are only possible because of caring people in our community.

From arranging accommodation or transport and offering referrals to financial or legal advice, Cancer Council provides much-needed practical assistance. And our information resources and trained health professionals provide the emotional support to help navigate the confusion and stress of diagnosis, treatment and life after cancer.

Right now too many Queenslanders living with cancer are doing it tough. They need our help, and they need it now.

Your support is vital to make sure that lifesaving support is there when it is needed most.

No one knows when they’ll be touched by this devastating disease.

But with your support, when that day comes, Cancer Council Queensland will be ready and waiting to help.