Community views on Tobacco

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Everyday Health Survey on Tobacco which explored community knowledge, attitudes and support for current and proposed tobacco control measures in Queensland.

We know that smoking leads to a wide range of diseases, including many types of cancer.

Queensland is uniquely placed to be a global leader in tobacco control, having recently introduced the most progressive smoke free laws in the world. Despite this, 450,000 Queensland adults (12%) still smoke daily. With two in three smokers dying as a result of their habit, and two per cent of all tobacco-related deaths caused by second-hand smoking, it is vital that we continue our efforts to eliminate smoking for future generations.


The Everyday Health Survey findings reveal overwhelming support for existing tobacco control laws in Queensland (88%) and significant support for a range of possible new tobacco control measures (54% to 85%).

Among these were increasing the legal age to sell tobacco (85%); banning smoking in the presence of children (84%); requiring tobacco retailers to hold a licence (84%); and banning tobacco vending machines (82%). A majority of respondents also supported a proposal to outlaw the sale of tobacco to anyone born after 2001 (67%) and to make it illegal for those born after 2001 to smoke tobacco (58%).

These results demonstrate that the majority of Queenslanders want ongoing action to expand smoke free policies and legislation, to better protect all Queenslanders from the harmful impacts of smoking.

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