Community views on Nutrition

Everyday Health Survey

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Everyday Health Survey on nutrition which investigated diet and lifestyle habits in order to improve community health and well being.

Queensland has the highest rates of both adult and child obesity nationally, with 64 per cent of adults and 26 per cent of children weighing in as overweight or obese. As overweight and obesity increases the risk of cancer, among other chronic diseases, we have a joint role to play in enabling the Queensland community to live healthier lives.


Cancer Council Queensland’s Everyday Health Survey on nutrition provided a unique opportunity for the community to share their thoughts, attitudes and behaviours about food and healthy living. Results from the survey identified junk food marketing and advertising as a key priority area for action with approximately 90 per cent of respondents reporting a high level of concern about the packaging and promotion of unhealthy foods specifically targeting children.

Results revealed the Queensland community has a high level of interest in food labels with 60 per cent of respondents actively reading nutritional panels and labels. However, the community also reported difficulty in reading and understanding some food labels and found them unhelpful in supporting healthy food choices.

Survey respondents also reported that product placement and in-store promotion influenced their food choices and suggested junk free checkouts as a way of encouraging healthier choices when grocery shopping.

Collaboratively we can take positive action to implement targeted strategies to help all Queenslanders live healthier and happier lives and reduce their risks of cancer.

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