SunSmart Centre Application Form

Cancer Council Queensland recommend centre sun protection policies are enforced in Queensland all year round.


If you need assistance developing your SunSmart policy, you can download our SunSmart policy guidelines via

If you qualify as a SunSmart Centre, you will receive a 60cm x 90cm SunSmart Centre sign.

Becoming a SunSmart Centre tells the community that your Centre is committed to the future health of its students.

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Terms and conditions

If your Centre is accepted as a SunSmart Centre, you will be promoting the SunSmart and Cancer Council Queensland’s sun protection messages in your daily activities, providing a role model to other centres throughout Queensland.

Centres participating in the SunSmart Early Childhood Program must agree to the following terms and conditions.

  • To enforce their sun protection policy as documented.
  • To take reasonable steps to ensure that all staff, children and parents are aware of the sun protection policy and its requirements.
  • To inform Cancer Council Queensland of any changes to the centre’s policy and practises and anything else that may relate to or affect its inclusion in the SunSmart Early Childhood Program.

The Centre agrees to comply with the following minimum standards:

  • The sun protection policy is implemented all year round.
  • All children wear a broad brimmed, legionnaire or bucket hat (minimum 5 cm brim, deep crown) when outside.
  • The use of SPF 30+ or higher broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen is encouraged.
  • Sun protective clothing is encouraged.
  • Staff are requested to act as role models by practising SunSmart behaviours
  • Play experiences about sun protection are included in the centre program.
  • The sun protection policy is reflected in the planning of all outdoor events (eg excursions, picnics).
  • Outdoor experiences are rescheduled, whenever possible, to minimise time outdoors between 10am and 3pm.
  • The centre has sufficient shade or is working towards increasing shade in the outdoor play space.
  • The centre reviews its sun protection policy regularly, at least once every three years. This involves staff, management and parents and includes monitoring the centre’s compliance with its policy and making suggestions for improvement.
  • SunSmart centres will be reassessed every three years to reconfirm sun protection practices.