Men's Cancer Prevention

Did you know that over 6000 more men die of cancer every year in Australia compared to women?

Aussie men simply don’t look after their health as well as women, consequently, men have significantly higher rates of cancers that could have been potentially prevented, these include cancers such as lung, melanoma and bowel.

Small steps make a big difference

Smoking, sun exposure, poor diet, alcohol consumption and inadequate physical activity are all significant risk factors for cancer, and all can be modified to reduce your risk.

Your daily habits make a big difference to your health, take a small step to reduce your cancer risk today.

Cut your cancer risk

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Men have a lower participation rate in the national bowel screening program. Which, if you’re over 50, is an important and easy test to do from the comfort of your own home.

Our Get checked factsheet will help you get to know your body.

Finding cancer early in men

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Screening services information


Quit smoking

You will experience health benefits as soon as you put out your last cigarette, even if you already suffer health problems.

Get plenty of support – ask your friends and family to support you and keep you on track. If you live or work with other people who smoke, ask them to quit with you.

Benefits of quitting smoking factsheet

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Harms of smoking factsheet

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Covering up when in the sun

Slip on protective clothing, slop on SPF 30+ broad spectrum sunscreen, slap on a broad-brimmed hat, seek shade and slide on sunglasses when outdoors.

Sun protection is needed whenever the UV reaches 3 or above. Sunny Queensland reaches that level all throughout the year.

Skin cancer outdoor work

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Spot the difference factsheet

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Eat healthily

Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and go easy on red and processed meat. You will feel better, boost your fibre intake, and be better able to maintain a healthy weight.

It doesn’t have to be difficult, keep things simple and focus on a balanced diet.

Healthy BBQ factsheet

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Compare the pair

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Red meat, processed meat and cancer

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Cut back on the booze

Alcohol consumption is linked to more than 5000 cases of cancer in Australia each year. Look for alternatives or try to reduce the amount you consume to no more than two standard drinks per day.

Not only will it reduce your risk of cancer, it will help your wallet and waistline too.

Alcohol and cancer factsheet

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Food swaps factsheet

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Getting active

Regular exercise helps you maintain a healthy body weight, improves energy levels and feelings of wellbeing and reduces your risk of chronic diseases, including some cancers.

Try and plan one hour of moderate activity or 30 minutes of vigorous activity into everyday life.

Take time to be active factsheet

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