Information about practical and emotional support

We have a large number of resources that can be downloaded to give you easy to read information about cancer, treatment and side effects.

These resources are meant to complement the information you receive from your health care professionals. Each resource is reviewed regularly by cancer experts so you can receive the most up to date information.

If you, your family or friend are affected by cancer and would like a hard copy of any of these resources, please call Cancer Council 13 11 20 Information and Support line to order. For other orders please use the Online Resource Order form

Cancer Council Queensland Support Services

Cancer Council Queensland is the state’s leading non-government community organisation in cancer control. With one Queenslander diagnosed with cancer every 20 minutes, we’re here for those affected every minute, every hour, every day.

During and After Treatment

There are many questions that might come up during and after your cancer treatment. You may have questions about exercise, nutrition, fertility and intimacy.

Cancer Support and Information

We offer a range of support services and information for those affected by cancer

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Nutrition and Cancer

Understand more about nutrition and how to eat well before, during and after cancer treatment. We cover the guidelines for healthy eating and the common eating problems caused by cancer or its treatment

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Exercise for People Living with Cancer

This booklet will help you understand more about exercise, and provides information about the benefits of exercise during and after cancer treatment

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Fertility and Cancer

This booklet is for people who have questions about the impact of cancer treatments on their fertility

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Sexuality, Intimacy and Cancer

This booklet will help you understand the ways cancer and its treatment may affect your sexuality, sex life and relationships

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Cancer Care and Your Rights

This booklet is for people starting their journey through the health care system after a cancer diagnosis

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Cancer in the School Community

This guide is for school staff who would like to support students, families and colleagues affected by cancer. It may also be useful for parents, guardians, students and family members

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Living Well After Cancer

This booklet is for people who have finished their initial cancer treatment or are on maintenance therapies to try to prevent the cancer coming back

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Cancer Support Groups

This book is for community members and health professionals who are interested in setting up and leading a cancer support group

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Coping with Cancer

Most people will experience strong emotions after a cancer diagnosis, not only when they first hear that it’s cancer, but also at various times during or after treatment. You may have many questions about your emotions or pain. Or you may be a partner or a carer who has some questions.

Advanced Cancer

Advanced cancer is the term used to describe cancer that is unlikely to be cured. It may be primary or secondary cancer.

Coping with Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a side effect of some cancer treatments.

Support for Children

Explaining a diagnosis of cancer to children or teenagers can feel difficult and overwhelming. Here are some resources to help get the conversation started.