Here’s how you can help improve skin cancer prevention

Researchers from the University of Queensland, University of Sydney and Monash University invite you to share your views about 3D total-body imaging for skin cancer early detection.

Cancer Council Queensland is currently collaborating with a number of Australia’s leading universities and skin cancer organisations who are conducting research into a new technology called 3D total-body imaging, used for melanoma early detection. And we want to know your thoughts about it!

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Melanoma is the most serious form of skin cancer, causing more than 1500 preventable deaths a year. Fortunately, if detected early, we can successfully treat it. Being aware of our skin and noticing changes in moles is the key to being treated early.

This is where 3D total-body imaging comes in. It’s conducted with photographic cameras, to produce a 3D image that replicates the skin surface in detail. A doctor then reviews the image and performs an assessment of the skin. 3D totally-body imaging could be a real game-changer for the early detection of melanoma. So, we want to know your opinions about utilising it.

Would you take ten minutes out of your day to complete the short questionnaire and share your thoughts about this potentially life-changing early detection technology?

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Your responses will help us better understand how to share this new technology with Australians, and promote enhanced skin cancer prevention and early detection programs throughout the community.

Participation is open to people 18 years or older, and your responses will be collected anonymously.

Thank you for supporting skin cancer prevention and early detection. Together, we can work towards eliminating skin cancer in Australia for good!