Kylee’s story

Kylee's story

Kylee Sanson was just 21 when she heard the words – ‘you’ve got cancer’. Diagnosed with a malignant melanoma on her back, she was a young Mum and pregnant with her second child, and the news came as a shock which took years to process.

It wasn’t until her son was born that she and her husband could focus on her diagnosis – that’s when reality sunk in, and Kylee realised what her melanoma meant not only for her own life, but that of her family

“It was important for me to protect my family, my children particularly, and we made changes in our lifestyle to ensure a skin cancer diagnosis didn’t happen again.”

Kylee and her family understand the importance of prevention and early detection, and are thankful for the Cancer Council’s ongoing investment to protect Queenslanders from skin cancer.

“Without the Slip, Slop, Slap campaign, and the ongoing research into melanoma and other skin cancers, we would be far less effective in getting this vital message out to all Queenslanders,” Kylee said.

“CCQ’s landmark studies into melanoma are crucial in saving lives, and helping more of us avoid this devastating disease.”