John’s story

John's story

John Kolcze had just celebrated his 50th birthday when he noticed a peasize lump on his left breast that would turn his world upside down.

Even John’s doctor assumed it was a cyst, but following a biopsy John’s worst fears were realised – he was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“I hadn’t heard of men getting breast cancer, so it felt a bit freaky when I received the news from my doctor,” John said.

“From what I’d heard and seen in the media I assumed breast cancer was a death sentence, luckily in my case they caught it early.”

John underwent a mastectomy and had numerous lymph nodes removed, but it was finding a local cancer support group that really made a difference in his road to recovery.

“I met another man who was going through the same journey and we both joined a local breast cancer support group – all of a sudden I didn’t feel alone anymore and I knew what I was experiencing was normal.”

Back to good health, John is determined to make a difference in the lives of others touched by the disease.

“I became a Cancer Connect volunteer because I know the difference a listening ear can make.

“Talking to someone who has had a similar experience can provide coping skills, practical information and support for the challenges faced throughout diagnosis and treatment.

“I would encourage anyone who’s been affected by cancer, and who’s a compassionate listener to become a CCQ cancer support volunteer – it’s incredibly rewarding and you’re making a real difference in the fight against cancer.