Ponytail Project


Do you want to create change? Are you ready to rock the chop?

One in two people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Chances are someone in your school community will be affected.

Rock the chop and put a stop to cancer

Get your school onboard, grow your hair throughout the year, then chop off your ponytail in October to raise funds for Cancer Council Queensland. Ponytail Project empowers students to make a change in the world. Every ponytail chopped will make a difference in the lives of people affected by cancer.

About Ponytail Project

The Ponytail Project has raised over $104,000 for Queensland families affected by cancer. This fundraising initiative empowers all students across Queensland to play their part in helping those affected by cancer.

“In a society where many are focused on appearance, the girls have been completely focused on helping others. They understand that it’s a small thing to lose some of their hair, when it can make a big difference to someone facing a huge life challenge.” Ros Curtis, Principal, St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School.

Fundraising tips

All school teams will be set up with an online fundraising page, that individual students can use to register. Both students and the school team can receive donations to their online page that are 100 per cent tax deductible. Each school will be assigned a dedicated fundraising team member who will work with you to set a fundraising goal and help you plan to achieve this.

Fundraising can be as fun and creative as you want. Whilst not all students will join the challenge to crop their locks everyone can still get involved. Have an official crazy hair day on the day of the chop off and get all students to donate a gold coin towards the cause. You could even get a teacher to grow hair with you and then auction off the opportunity to do the big chop! Some other great ideas involve, holding a raffle within your school, giving each student a book of tickets to sell. Or, have a charity BBQ lunch and get all the students make a donation for their lunch.

Get involved, register your interest here


Every minute, every hour, every day Cancer Council is helping people find confidence through our wig service

Hair loss can be a side effect experienced when going through cancer treatment. For some cancer patients this can be emotionally distressing and difficult for them to deal with. Thanks to services like Cancer Council Queensland’s wig and turban services, there is support available to all cancer patients across Queensland, free of charge, to help them feel confident again. By raising funds through campaigns like Ponytail Chop you are helping ensure that Queenslanders are not alone when they are needing cancer support.

It was a lifesaver for me – what a truly wonderful service to have available and the support of the team at such a vulnerable time of your life.” ESA Wig and Turban recipient.