Do it for Cancer

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Fundraising Ideas


Shave your hair

Shaving your hair can be a powerful way to raise money and awareness. Whether you shave your head, chop off your ponytail or wax your chest, there’s no doubt your courageous act will inspire your mates to donate.

Be a host with the most

Whether you host a morning tea, put on a BBQ, have a dinner party or hold a trivia night, raising money can be both delicious and fun!

Sell something

Got a lot of stuff you don’t need? Have a garage sale! Do you love to cook? Hold a bake sale! Or can you get a hold of awesome prizes? Auction them off! Whatever you choose to sell, we’re here to help you make it a success.

Give it up

Kick a bad habit for a month and do something good for your health. Whether it’s sugar, alcohol, smoking, caffeine or junk-food, no doubt your friends and family will be there to back you with donations along the way!

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