Workplace giving

Organisations can support Cancer Council QLD as a corporate partner to be actively involved in the fight against cancer.

Workplace giving is a means by which employees can make regular donations to Cancer Council Queensland through their employer’s payroll giving program. These deductions can be pre-tax, and many employers choose to match their employee’s donations too!

Workplace giving offers benefits to
  • Employers, by engaging your employees in your Corporate Social Responsibility and demonstrating your support of Cancer Council Queensland to your customers and clients.
  • Employees, by offering a simple, tax-effective way of supporting a cause that is close to your heart.

Cancer Council Queensland, by providing a low-cost, regular stream of income that helps us to continue delivering programs and services across the state that support Queenslanders affected by cancer.

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What impact does your workplace giving support have?

$2 can provide:

a cancer patient with an information booklet on cancer or cancer treatments.

$5 can provide:

a DVD on Learning to relax for a cancer patient a turban to a cancer patient who is undergoing treatment.

$10 can help:

Provide online support for patients and their families to learn more about their cancer risk, or what a diagnosis means, from the comfort of their own home transport cancer patients to and from hospital for treatment.

$25 can help:

Provide a newly diagnosed cancer patient with important support and resources to  help them through their cancer journey  provide a cancer patient with financial advice on budgeting, superannuation, insurance and debt management.

$50 can help:

Cancer Council Queensland researchers conduct an extensive interview with a cancer patient to better understand cancer risk provide a wig to a cancer patient who is undergoing treatment.

Here’s what some of our existing workplace giving supporters say about our program:


“Cancer is a dreadful disease that can affect families and communities without warning.  My father suffered with throat cancer and the changes this made to his life were enormous. The Burdekin community has lost many mothers, fathers, and children to cancer and the disease continues to create emotional and financial hardship for families. Contributing a small amount of money each pay to Cancer Council Queensland is not difficult. I think we could all give up one hot chocolate without any worries!! If everyone contributed in this way I know it would make an enormous difference to research and the support that could be offered to families. As a payroll officer I have seen how contributions by a few extra people in the workplace can increase the total sum donated on each payday. Cancer Council does wonderful work and I hope that all Queenslanders can donate an amount to further the work and get rid of this disease forever.” Roslyn Camer –  Burdekin Shire Council

“There aren’t too many people who haven’t come into contact with cancer. Whether it be themselves or someone close to them, cancer affects many lives – and Queensland Rail employees are no exception. Fortunately, Queensland Rail employees have the opportunity to make regular donations through the Workplace Giving Program. This program allows our employees to easily provide ongoing support to the Cancer Council through our payroll scheme. Donations come from pre-tax pay, so employees receive an immediate tax deduction from their fortnightly wage. This donation coupled with the knowledge that their contribution goes towards cancer research and support for those affected, allows for our employees to do a little good and lighten the financial load for those in need.” Sindy Symons –  Queensland Rail

Thank you to all our workplace giving supporters!

If you would like any support from us in delivering, or introducing, your workplace giving program, please contact us at