Donating in memory

Donating in memory of a loved one, or asking family and friends to donate in lieu of flowers at a funeral, is a very special way to honour their life. Gifts in memory are lasting tributes that provide hope to cancer patients and their families well into the future.

Expressing condolences

Every donation received in memory of a loved one is acknowledged with a ‘Thinking of you’ card, which is sent to the next of kin and includes a list of family and friends who donated.Stephenproxycard

These cards are handwritten by Cancer Council Queensland volunteers and sent on the donor’s behalf.

A tax deductible receipt and thank you letter is sent to all donors.

Information for funerals

Gifts in memory donation envelopes can be sent out for use at funerals. Contact us to order donation envelopes.

If your family would like funeral attendees to leave a donation to us in lieu of flowers, we suggest they include this request in the funeral notice. The notice could include ‘Donation in lieu of flowers to Cancer Council Queensland, PO Box 201, Spring Hill 4004’.

Need support?

We understand that losing a loved one can be a difficult time. If you need support please call  Cancer Council on 13 11 20.

Would you like to donate now?

Donate online or call our donor hotline on 1300 663 936

Donate in memory of a loved one