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“The surgeon told us anything he did would be experimental. When I asked what would happen if we didn’t try something, he said, ‘well you are going to lose him anyway’.”
– Janie, Brandon’s mum

Brandon doesn’t know what the future holds. He continues to have yearly scans to monitor his tumour and his hope is that it stays stable.

Your investment in cancer research gives young people like Brandon hope for life-saving treatments.

The day before Brandon’s first birthday he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. He was given little hope of survival.
His parents, Janie and Brad, were utterly devastated.

After spending nine months trying to find out why their baby boy was so ill, they now had an unimaginable choice to make – share a few precious months with Brandon, or risk life-threatening surgery, hoping he might live a little longer.

It’s the lack of treatment choices available for cancer that makes your donation so important. Brain cancer survival rates have barely changed in 20 years. And that’s why we want to raise $112,300 by April 30.

To help researchers find life-saving treatments for cancers like Brandon’s.

Brandon’s parents chose to take the risk with surgery. Janie remembers being told, “He’ll never eat and drink. He’ll never run, and he’ll probably never walk.”

Incredibly, Brandon has reached all those milestones and last year he turned 21.

Brandon is not giving up and we hope you won’t either.

Your generous gift today will help fund more of the pioneering research that’s needed to find better ways to prevent, detect and treat cancer.

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