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salvage treatment

Different treatments used when prostate cancer has returned….

palliative treatment

Medical treatment for people with advanced cancer to help them manage pain and other physical and emotional symptoms of cancer. Treatment may include radiation therapy, chemotherapy or other medication. It is an important part of palliative care.

active treatment

Treatment given to cure the cancer, such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy. This does not include long-term treatment such as hormone medication, which may be taken for several years to maintain remission.

Treatment decisions

…best existing treatment or the modified new treatment. Over the years, trials have improved treatments and led to better outcomes for people diagnosed with cancer. You might find it helpful to talk to your specialist, clinical trials nurse or GP,…

Home to Treatment FAQs

…Home to Treatment service Our Home to Treatment service aims to reduce the financial and emotional burden of cancer by providing transport to service users who are facing hardship in accessing their treatment. These hardships may include: Financial hardship Limited…

hormone treatment

A treatment that blocks the body’s natural hormones that help cancer grow, which is used when the cancer is growing in response to hormones. Also called hormone therapy.

News: Researchers Find New Breast Cancer Treatment Target

…to more confidently predict outcomes in some breast cancer patients, and subsequently improve treatment regimes. “It also opens the way to develop a new and novel drug for the treatment of breast cancer.” Professor Muscat and his team are now…

News: Queenslanders failing to seek cancer treatment to avoid financial burden

The escalating out-of-pocket costs associated with a cancer diagnosis are deterring some people from seeking treatment, a new Cancer Council Queensland study has found. Cancer Council Queensland’s Everyday Health Survey, Health System Quality and Costs, revealed that high out-of-pocket costs…