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inflammatory bowel disease

A benign condition that causes inflammation of the bowel.

Crohn’s disease

A benign type of inflammatory bowel disease that may increase a person’s risk of developing bowel cancer.

Bowel cancer

a large number of polyps in the bowel. Bowel diseases – people who have an inflammatory bowel disease, such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, have a significantly increased risk, particularly if they have had it for more than 8…

News: Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

and warrant urgent medical advice from a GP or specialist. Although age is a major risk factor with bowel cancer, lifestyle factors, a personal or family history of bowel cancer, or the presence of inflammatory bowel disease can also increase…

News: Bowel Cancer Awareness Month: What are the symptoms and how can you prevent it?

Month, an opportunity to raise awareness about bowel cancer, prevent the disease and detect it early. Bowel cancer, or colorectal cancer, refers to tumours that develop in the large bowel (colon or rectum). Generally, bowel cancers develop from polyps, which…


The long, tube-shaped organ in the abdomen that is part of the digestive tract. The bowel has two parts: the small and large bowel. The large bowel includes the colon and the rectum.

bowel preparation

The process of cleaning out the bowel (removing faeces) before a test or scan to allow the doctor to see the bowel more clearly.

small bowel cancer

A rare cancer that occurs in the small bowel. Also called small intestine cancer….

large bowel

Part of the lower gastrointestinal tract. The large bowel stores waste until it leaves the body as faeces. Its four main sections are the caecum, colon, rectum and anus. Also called the large intestine.

bowel cancer

Cancer of the large bowel; also known as colorectal cancer, colon cancer or rectal cancer.